Historically the culture of Polish drinking has revolved around vodka. However, while vodka drinking is declining, beer comsumption is on the rise. Native beer styles are all but extinct in Poland, having been usurped by imported styles from Britain, Germany and Bohemia in the nineteenth century. As a consequence the dominant styles of today are pale lagers and porters.

Since the fall of communism Polish pub culture has been struggling to reassert itself. Many of the pubs are new, though the locations are often not, and styled on the local interptretation of the English or Czech pub. The most distinctively Polish features of these pubs are the "atmospherically" low lighting levels and the demographic of the clientele (almost all are under 25 and the majority are middle−class girls).


Poland's second city is a masterpiece of late medieval and early baroque architecture. The first city of its type to be world heritage listed by UNESCO, as far back as 1978, this gem should be on everyone's must visit list.

However, it is as yet relatively uncommercialised when compared to cities like Prague. The visitors will be arriving in greater numbers soon, so visit now while you can still experience its unspoilt charms. Five local breweries include Zywiec and The CK Browar brewpub, restaurant and nightclub... more


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