Famous for its food, wine, history, fashion and fast cars could Italy find a place for craft beer in its diverse culture? Indeed it could and with a total number of breweries now approaching 200 Italy has joined the microbrewing revolution with a vengence.

Not held back by much of a brewing history of their own, Italian microbrewers have experimented more than most and with some surprisingly good results. If you are looking for a cutting edge beer tour with a new surprise in every brewpub, then Italy's the place for you.


A city with a creative streak, not only for fashion but designers of all kinds flourish here. It should have been no surprise then, that when new wave brewpubs began to appear in the city, the Milanese would excel at this too.

Whilst not a typical tourist destination, Milanese culture has much to offer once you scrape off the surface veneer and really get to know the city. more


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