Germany is a country deserving many more visitors than it currently receives. The plus point to this of course is that some of the best locations have evaded mass tourism thus far. Some of the destinations you will know, others maybe not but keep reading as they're all amongst the best destinations any beer tourist could hope to find.

Bamberg − 3 days from £229

The self styled "World Capital of Beer" is the centre of an area with the greatest concentration of breweries anywhere in the world. Bamberg's medieval heart belongs to a thriving, modern, university town full of life, colour and character. Originally built on seven hills, and with the only burial place of a Pope north of the Alps in it's cathedral.

Often described as a miracle city as it was one of the few to suffer little damage from bombing in the Second World War, it's architecture is a living museum of 1000 years of German history. Today there are still nine breweries in the town creating Kellerbier and Rauchbier as well as more conventional beers... more

Munich − 3 days from £269

Where the Oktoberfest has been celebrated for more than 200 years. This is not Munich's only beer festival of the year, nor are beer festivals the only reason for the beer tourist to visit.

We will investigate some of the smaller breweries of Munich, its most charming pubs and other beer festivals such as the Starkbierfest in Spring... more

Düsseldorf & Köln − 3 days from £299

Two great cities and two great beer styles. Top fermented beers live on in this part of Northern Germany, where Alt and Kölsch can still be found in a number of atmospheric and historic brewpubs.

An evening in Düsseldorf allows us to explore the "World's Longest Bar" and a full day in Cologne to explore the sights and visit the best of the Köln pubs, in and around the "Old Town"... more

Stuttgart − 3 days from £259

Stuttgart, spread across several hills, valleys and parks − is unusual for a German city and surprises visitors associating it with its reputation as the "cradle of the automobile".

The 17 day Cannstatter Volksfest is Stuttgart's answer to Munich's Oktoberfest. If you are looking for a traditional German beer festival, without Oktoberfest's mass tourism, then this is the tour for you... more

Bamberg & Forchheim − 4 days from £299

These two medieval towns have between them 2200 years of history; thirteen breweries and a beer festival with over twenty beer gardens on one wooded hill.

The beer's good all year round but in July Forchheim hosts the "Annafest" a large Bavarian beer festival, set amongst the beer gardens in the woods close to the town... more

Franconian Switzerland − tailor-made tour only

Nearly 300 breweries in an areas the size of Yorkshire, that's right 300! Travel to the heart of the Franconian countryside for a walking tour amongst the tiny villages and breweries in this magnificant corner of Germany.

There is no other stretch of countryside that holds as many contrasts within such a small area, soaring towers atop rocky cliffs, winding valleys, blossoming orchards, mysterious and enchanting caves.

Unspoilt nature, sometimes endearing, sometimes harsh, worth a journey of discovery at any time of the year... more

Nürnberg − 3 days from £229

History, beer and Christmas markets. Home of countless medieval buildings, several miles of defensive wall and a 12th Century castle atop the Kaiserburg overlooking much of the modern city below.

The city's pubs sell a bewildering array of beers from the surrounding Franconian towns and villages... more

Leipzig & Goslar − 4 days from £299

A beer style returns from the dead, wheat beer flavoured with salt and Coriander and named Leipziger Gose. Two of the five Leipzig breweries now brew Gose and with three other breweries, the place of Wagner's birth offers plenty of culture and history both old and new.

Leipzig was the birthplace of Wagner and both Bach and Mendelssohn lived and died here. Among the highlights of our tour we will also see the church where the "Velvet Revolution" began in 1989... more

Berlin − 3 days from £249

Germany's capital has its own beer style, a sour wheat beer often served with a dash of fruit syrup.

Few large breweries survive in Berlin with only Bürgerbräu and Schultheiss (both in the former East) still brewing. However, a number of modern brewpubs, some tastefully done, have emerged to take their place.

Combine this with the city's famous sights and a top weekend is guaranteed... more

Windischeschenbach & Neuhaus − tailor−made toue only

Zoigl is a beer style only brewed in five towns in Eastern Bavaria, close to the Czech border.

Brewed in brewhouses owned by the town or an association of homebrewers. The wort is then brought to the brewer's private cellar, where fermentation takes place.

A couple of weeks later the beer is tapped directly from the lagering tank and sold in the brewer's home, which is used as a pub only for a limited time until the beer is gone.

Then the Zoigl-Star, a sign to show that beer is for sale, is given to the next homebrewer. He then attaches the sign at the corner of his house... more


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