Czech Republic

The beers of the Czech Republic are, of course, world famous. The Czechs drink more beer per head than any other nation on earth, annually nearly 160 litres each. Beer is not hard to find in the Czech Republic, although the best beers and pubs can prove somewhat elusive. The best Czech beers are still amongst the best you'll find anywhere in Europe, they taste fabulous and are relatively cheap, especially outside Prague.


The Czech capital is still amongst Europe's most popular city break destinations. And with good reason, being a fairly large city it's not practical to walk everywhere, however, the metro system takes care of that.

Add to that more than 1000 years of history and more pubs than you could ever need and we're on to a winner. Then add the Czech Republics biggest and newest beer festival and a fair few brewpubs. For the best of Prague beer culture and a relaxed drinking culture you won't find anywhere else... more


You may or may not be a fan of pils but there's no denying its worldwide popularity. This tour takes us to the birthplace of pils, the town of Plzen and a visit to its inventors Pilsner Urquell. In Plzen you can find anything Pilsner Urquell related that you could think of and many that you could not!

Including brewery tours, a museum, visits to the lagering caverns, the only pub in the world selling their kvasnicové pivo and a pub with a beer tap on each table so you can "help yourself". Every year the town celebrates the anniversary of the first brewing of pils with a beer and rock music festival... more

Chodova Plana

In Chodova Plana they certainly know how to party! The events season begins in April with the Beer Season Opening Ceremony including a barman competition and brass band parades.

In June there's the Barrel Rolling World Championships, feasting and general partying. In July it's the Mini car rally.

And to round it all off there's a beer festival in August with steam train trips to and from Plzen and Karlovy Vary, tours of the lagering cellars and of course more feasting... more

Ceske Budejovice & Cesky Krumlov

Ceske Budejovice is home to the Budweiser Budvar brewery and the Budweiser Mestansky brewery, don't ask! Cesky Krumlov to the Eggenberg brewery. Both towns are interesting intheir own right with Cesky Krumlov a UNESCO world heritage site.

June is the month when Ceske Budejovice holds its beer festival featuring around 40 of the countries smaller and more interesting brewers. Cesky Krumlov's medieval themed festival takes place in the grounds of the Eggenberg brewery later in June... more

Humpolec & Zeliv

Folk and rock concerts, fireworks and the outstanding Bernard beers are the mainstays of the Humpolec beer festival. The dates can vary, for 2011 the festival will be in October.

There will also be time for a trip to the Zeliv Monastery Brewery where the brothers produce quality ales. You could easily forget you're in the Czech Republic so complete is the Trappist parallel. The monastery was founded in 1139, the brewery in 2004... more

Brno & Oslavany

Brno is our kind of town, the Czech second city has as much beer variety as Prague in a town whose dimensions make walking the most sensible option. The relative scarcity of the Prague stalwarts (Staropramen, Budvar and Urquell) means that many more regional brewers get a fair chance in Brno.

At the end of May the city hosts the beer festival of the Czech Association of Small Independent Breweries. An added treat is a trip out to Oslavany castle to a tiny brewery with possibly the best beers in the country. It too hosts a beer festival in August... more


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