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"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." − Benjamin Franklin

Travelling on a BEER BUZZ tour, you'll enjoy a superb break in a famous brewing town or region, many of which are well off the normal tourist routes. You'll discover small craft producers, historic towns and cities, sample beers and food as the locals do in a fantastic mix of historic and modern bars, pubs and brewpubs.


It was just a few short years ago that the idea for BEER BUZZ tours first came to me whilst on a short break to Porto, in Portugal, with some friends. Of course whilst in Porto we visited a number of the port houses for some guided tours and port tasting; we visited Burmester, Offley and Croft.

After our guided tour at Burmester we were sitting in the courtyard tasting area sampling the 20 year old tawny and some of the guys started commenting on my apparent depth of knowledge about port. You see during the tour I had been filling in some of the gaps and interesting information that the guide had missed out. My friends now seemed to think that I knew more about port than our guide.

Now I'm sure that this wasn't the case but it got me thinking. I told the guys that I didn't think that I was an expert on port and that I knew much more about beer!

What I had discovered, however, was my ability to explain, in an interesting and understandable way, some of the important details about drinks production and culture. I believe that this is born from my passion for these products and for the history and places that brought them to life.

Today you can enjoy an extensive list of destinations, throughout Europe, where you'll discover beautiful places from a unique perspective − through the beers and through the people who create them. On these tours tasting doesn't take up all the time though, travel itineraries are well balanced with free time and visits to places of interest.

The expert guide on your beer tour will introduce the region, bringing the beers and destinations alive with the background, the history and anecdotes. They will know the region, the people and the inside story, understand the brewing science and have their own ideas and interpretations.


I'm passionate about what I do and am committed to providing an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

For your special holiday, treat yourself to a beer tour. On this site you'll find escorted beer tours and more. The passion for arranging great holidays continues, and the ever developing programme of tours is more varied than ever.


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